groovemasta is the main artist signed to Groove Inc. Productions.
We believe that groovemasta has a great deal to offer the Music Industry, both in South Africa and Internationally.
groovemasta already has quite a substantial number of fans at Number One Music.
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groovemasta Bio the name masta of da groove!!

groovemasta, from Johannesburg South Africa,
is a multi-talented musician, producer, songwriter………a modern day virtuoso and visionary.

Currently, groovemasta is creating music best described as “Electronic” music.
groovemasta is an unique artist on the music scene who is different, fresh, experimental and
in a category of his own…….never afraid to try something that hasn’t been done before and always wanting to push the envelope further, to a new level.

groovemasta is and artist to keep your eyes on permanently……
…..because, if you look away for even just one second,
you might miss out on being the first to see something unseen and out-of-this-worldly awesome!

groovemasta’s Blog

Welcome to the world of groovemasta
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Altered State of Perception - groovemasta